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8:45am 12-24-2018

My love and thoughts are with you as Christmas approaches tomorrow. I pray you have a gentle, peaceful day filled with love and that the wonderful memories you hold in your heart of happier Christmases spent with your beautiful Angel Chrissie will bring you comfort.


11:32am 12-23-2018
Donna-Corey's Mom
Sending loving Merry Christmas wishes to Heaven for your precious Angel Chrissie and wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a blessed and peaceful New Year.

Donna-Corey's Mom
11:02am 12-23-2018
Carol Michael's Mom
I send my love and prayers to you and yours on this holiday season. Pray you get a sign from your Angel Chrissie. Pray it will be a gentle and peaceful day for all. Thank you for another year of friendship and many more to come. Have a Blessed Christmas. Love you
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8:45am 12-20-2018
Beth Hall
Wishing you a peaceful Christmas!!
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1:18am 12-20-2018
Shirley Baer
Wishing you a peaceful and safe holiday season filled with wonderful memories of your times together with Chrissie at Christmas....
10:49am 12-18-2018
((((Kathie))) Thinking of you and wishing you a blessed Christmas and a
healthy and peaceful New Year. I'll remember your Chrissie when I light our candle on Christmas Day. God bless you, my friend.
With my love,
Mom to Ken
5:49pm 12-15-2018
Linda Rice
Dear Kathie,
I pray that memories you hold deep within your heart
help to soothe your broken spirit during this Holiday Season. May your precious Angel shine from above watching over you on this Christmas Day and may God touch you with His love and bless you in a very special way.Thinking of you and your precious angel my dear friend. You are always in our prayers.
With love always,
Linda (forever Tina's mom)
1:56pm 12-05-2018
((((((Kathie)))) My thoughts and prayers are with you as we remember Chrissie's Heaven date tomorrow. Wishing you a peaceful day and I hope you get a special sign from your beautiful daughter. You're not alone. I'll have a candle lit for your precious Chrissie.
Love and Hugs,
Mom to Ken
1:14am 12-04-2018

My love and thoughts are with you on your beautiful Chrissie's 17th Anniversary. I pray you have a gentle, peaceful day and your precious daughter sends you a sign to let you know she's with you, helping you through this difficult day.


6:00pm 11-15-2018
Becky Clapp
Happy belated birthday Chrissie. I can't believe this much time has passed since high school. Best wishes to your family.
7:57pm 11-13-2018

Thinking of you and your beautiful Chrissie on her birthday. Wishing you
only the most precious memories of all you shared together and the
beauty she brought into your life. Holding you close in both thoughts and prayers, and hope you have a gentle day as you remember your precious girl on the day you first held her for the first time.

With my love,
Mom to Ken
2:22pm 11-13-2018

My love and thoughts are with you as your beautiful daughter Chrissie's 32nd birthday approaches. I pray you have a gentle, peaceful day filled with love and wonderful memories of happier birthdays spent with your precious girl.

Happy 32nd Birthday Chrissie!


3:33pm 11-12-2018
Carol Angel Michael
~Your Birthday~
"Wishing you were here
Today, for even just a
So I could say; "Happy
Birthday" and see your
Handsome smile.

The only gifts today will
Be...the sweet memories
Left behind, of laughter,
Joy, and happiness that
Echo in my mind"

A candle will burn in my home on your beloved
Angel Chrissie
Heavenly birthday. I pray your day will be gentle and many memories of pass birthday.
We all are here for you.
Love you
3:53pm 06-09-2018
10:11am 02-05-2018
Joan Taylor
Kathie what a very beautiful memorial you have done for your beautiful daughter Chrissie.
May you always feel her love around you today, tomorrow and always.
I hope you see Chrissie in your Dreams Kathie God Bless her always.
My brother Robert's website link is at the top of my message to you.
For if you ever wish to visit my Robert Kathie.
Sending all my love to you and your family.
Hugs from Joan Taylor {God Bless You All}.
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